Treatment For BVD

Treatment For BVD

Treatment For BVD

Our doctors at Federal Hill Eye Care​​​​​​​ have trained in the pioneering work of diagnosing and treating Binocular Vision Dysfunction. In addition to the standard eye examination, our compassionate doctors utilize a comprehensive NeuroVisual Examination to determine the extent of a patient’s misalignment and use those results to prescribe specialized aligning lenses. These micro-prism lenses realign the images to create one clear image, eliminating the need for the body’s struggle to do so.

Our micro-prism lenses help patients to feel noticeably better immediately. In fact, the average patient will notice a 50% reduction of symptoms by the end of their first visit. Over the next several visits, the aligning lenses are fine-tuned and continue to improve and eliminate BVD symptoms.

In the past, BVD was difficult to identify, as the standard vision tests are not sensitive enough to find the small amounts of misalignment causing BVD. And of course, not everyone with the aforementioned symptoms will have BVD. We use a specialized screening method to accurately detect this condition.

We are able to treat your Binocular Vision Dysfunction, along with any additional vision impairments, allowing the patient to see clearly, effectively, and provide significant relief from symptoms.

Our screening method involves two parts: Our Screening Questionnaire, which helps clarify who might benefit from evaluation and care, and our Diagnostic Method, which is where we identify the very small amounts of misalignment requiring treatment with specialized micro-prism lenses.

The Screening Questionnaires include:

​​​​​​​Dr. Scott Klasman is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of Binocular Vision Dysfunction and has trained under the Founder of NeuroVisual Medicine, Dr. Debby Feinberg of the NeuroVisual Medicine Institute in Michigan. Dr. Debby and her colleagues have treated more than 10,000 local, national, and international patients who have been diagnosed with this condition.

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